The 2024 Small Grant Competition is now open.

The Friends of Colombia (FOC) Grantmaking Committee is pleased to offer small grants once a year.  Organizations working in areas relevant to the mission of Friends of Colombia are eligible for these awards, as are returned and current Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who wish to continue their projects in Colombia, or start new ones. The maximum award per applicant is $1,500 USD.

  • The 2024 application can be found here.

La competencia de pequeños fondos está abierta para 2024.

El Comité de Donaciones de Friends of Colombia (FOC) otorga pequeños fondos cada año. Las organizaciones que trabajan en áreas relevantes a la misión de FOC, son elegibles para aplicar a los fondos, al igual que los voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz que desean continuar sus proyectos en Colombia o comenzar otros nuevos. La cantidad máxima por solicitante es de 5,900,000 COP.

  • La aplicación de 2024 está aquí.

2023 Grants

FOC awarded five grants, totaling $9,615 USD to inspiring Colombian community-based groups in 2023. Congratulations to our grant competition winners! Learn more about each winner and their projects below.


Tierra Grata

This FOC grant enabled the installation of 10 community bathrooms in 5 rural communities in Magdalena. This project also involved menstrual and public health education for an estimated 360 adolescent women and girls.

2022 Grants

FOC awarded five grants, totaling $7,500 USD to inspiring Colombian community-based groups in 2022. Congratulations to our grant competition winners! Learn more about each winner and their projects below.


Fun Tayrona

FOC funds supported ongoing training of indigenous Wiwa women learning their ancestral practice of harvesting dye for use in mochila textiles. This provides the women with a sustainable way to earn income.


The Stories of Love Movement

Thus far, four workshops have been given to community leaders and children. They are also organizing the first conference that will focus on keeping their communities clean. They are also piloting a program in a community where a motocarro will go door-to-door once a week to collect recycling.


Las Fuertes

Provided menstrual education for girls and adolescents (ages 9 to 13) in a remote island. Adult women and mothers of the adolescents also participated in the educational activities. They’ve been able to develop professional materials to use in their curriculum because of the support from FOC.

2021 Grants

Last year, Friends of Colombia launched an innovative Small Grant Program to fund community projects in Colombia. We invited RPCVs, former counterparts, and grassroots organizations to apply for grants to fund their projects. In 2021, FOC awarded grants to seven winners of this competition: totaling $10,250. Here are the project descriptions for our 2021 grantees:



PROEDUPAZ used FOC grant funds to provide an initial supply of hens, chicken feed, and other materials to families of children and adults with disabilities — a severely underserved population.


Fundación Koinonia

Fundación Koinonia used FOC grant funds to create a mobile library that moves between three of the poorest neighborhoods in Cartagena where it offers children the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills outside of school.


Tierra Grata

Tierra Grata used FOC grant funds to install ecologically friendly, solar-powered lights in rural communities on the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of Colombia.


Los Otros Yumbeños

Los Otros Yumbeños is a project that increases environmental awareness and knowledge about local birds and plants in the municipality of Yumbo. FOC funded the creation of an audiovisual micro-documentary about the diverse species of bird in the region.

2020 Grants

In 2020, FOC awarded grants to the first recipients of our small grants. These four grants totaled $4,305. These funds came at a time of critical need, when Colombian communities suffered devastating effects of the global pandemic. Here are the project descriptions for our first grantees:


Pre-ICFES By Radio

With its FOC grant, Pre-ICFES By Radio purchased a multifunction printer and spiral binding machine to print and distribute learning resources for a national standardized test to accompany each set of lessons delivered by radio to rural indigenous communities in La Guajira.


Tierra Grata

This FOC grant enabled the purchase and installation of 20-liter gravity water filters in 25 households. It also allowed Tierra Grata to improve the hygienic sanitation facility in the town’s community center through the additional purchase and installation of a water collection tank and portable sink.