Jaguars Volleyball Club – Salud y Vida Polonuevo

Polonuevo, Atlántico
$1,500 USD   

In 2010, 17 youth from Polonuevo established an informal volleyball team in order to promote inclusion, healthy living and teamwork in the town. Last December, they decided to formalize the group and compete across the Colombian coast with other teams. 

The FOC grant has provided sports and work out equipment, and team uniforms for the team. They now participate in an intermunicipal league with kids from across the Caribbean coast. The team now meets 6 days a week in 8 separate training sessions, divided by gender and age. They have also continued their own fundraising to help with smaller initiatives, but that fundraising is a lot more manageable, the new equipment has helped propel the team and better prepare them to compete in the region helping them promote inclusion, healthy lifestyles, and teamwork.  

“In our society, the majority of problems youth face is due to a lack of opportunities, this is why Club de Voleibol Jaguares created this initiative through the sport to help our young people invest their free time in productive ways that generate value to their lives. With the Salud y Vida Polonuevo we have seen great results that has greatly impacted the youth (male and female) and their families, I can say that the new sense of motivation isn’t just in the sport, but personal as well as they know they can succeed in their projects; we don’t see ourselves only as a club, but as a family where we all help each other to reach our goals. I would like to thank FOC for helping our project, because with your help our Club de Voleibol Jaguares has new equipment and uniforms improving our trainings and productivity, the youth have the will, the attitude, and the skills to get ahead. Many thanks once again and blessings to you all” 

– Arean Acosta, Project Manager