Friends of Colombia supports the work of nonprofit organizations based in Colombia through our grantmaking programs. We have three different programs:

  • Sustaining support. We provide ongoing operational support to a select group of partner organizations.
  • Small grants. Our small grants program offers nonprofits in Colombia an opportunity to apply for a small grant to fuel a key, community-based project.
  • Special fundraisers. In order to meet the urgent and specific needs of a Colombian community, we partner with a nonprofit and host a fundraiser to help make their work possible.

Read our 2021 Annual Report here.

The Friends of Colombia (FOC) Grants Committee is pleased to offer small grants once a year.  Organizations working in areas relevant to the mission of Friends of Colombia are eligible for these awards, as are returned and evacuated Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who wish to continue their projects in Colombia, or start new ones. The maximum award per applicant is $2,000 USD. The 2022 application can be found here.

El Comité de Donaciones de Friends of Colombia (FOC) otorga pequeños fondos cada año. Las organizaciones que trabajan en áreas relevantes a la misión de FOC, son elegibles para aplicar a los fondos, al igual que los ex-voluntarios de Cuerpo de Paz (RPCVs) y/o evacuados que desean continuar sus proyectos en Colombia o comenzar otros nuevos. La cantidad máxima por solicitante es de $ 2,000 USD. La aplicación de 2022 está aqui