Suán, Atlántico

$1,440 USD

PROEDUPAZ used FOC grant funds to provide an initial supply of hens, chicken feed, and other materials to families of children and adults with disabilities — a severely underserved population. PROEDUPAZ also trained all project beneficiaries how to properly care for the chickens and sell their eggs. In addition to providing additional income and food security to 15 families, caring for chickens and selling eggs helps develop entrepreneurial skills and build confidence and self esteem among people with disabilities in the community.

After identifying 15 families of children or adults with disabilities with access to patios suitable for raising chickens, PROEDUPAZ conducted a series of workshops on chicken care and management, entrepreneurship, social inclusion, and self-esteem and family values.  In October, PROEDUPAZ delivered 10 hens to each of the 15 families, and will continue to provide ongoing support to the families in the production and sale of eggs.