Fundación Koinonia

Cartagena, Bolivar

$1,170 USD

Fundación Koinonia used FOC grant funds to create a mobile library and fill it with books along with various other reading and writing materials. This traveling library moves between three of the poorest neighborhoods in Cartagena where it offers children aged 7-14 years old the opportunity to improve their reading and writing skills outside of school. This project also allowed the foundation to print and bind a collection of stories written by children in each of the three neighborhoods.

Fundacion Koinonia has completed six workshops, two in each of the three selected neighborhoods. A total of 60 children aged 7 – 14 years have attended the workshops. During each workshop the children have access to all of the books and other materials that were purchased with the FOC grant. By the end of each workshop, each child creates his or her own story, which will be compiled with all the other stories and made into a book at a later time. In addition, each child who participated in the workshop received his or her own reading and writing kit in addition to snacks and drinks, all financed by the FOC grant.