Colombia GLOW

$1,180 USD

Camp GLOW was a project started by Peace Corps Colombia Volunteers and their counterparts in 2014 throughout the Caribbean region of Colombia. Camp GLOW aims to create gender equity by empowering young women in their personal, academic and professional lives. 

Challenge: While COVID-19 has posed challenges to normal operations, Camp GLOW has found an opportunity to reach even more girls and young women through dispersing virtual materials and sharing recordings. 

Solution: Camp GLOW currently has 10 clubs with 136 participants throughout Colombia’s Caribbean Coast. Camp GLOW used its FOC grant to purchase Camp GLOW kits, which allowed participants to continue the program remotely. All kits included t-shirts, antibacterial gel, face masks, folders, print outs, oatmeal, cereal bars, and internet wifi chips. The grant also covered the cost of printing, packaging and shipping the kits to all camp participants.