To create stronger bonds between Colombians and Americans through sponsorship of community-based projects and organizations committed to the peace and prosperity of Colombia.

Who We Are

Friends of Colombia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the U.S. state of Maryland. We are composed of volunteers who are committed to the peace and prosperity of Colombia. FOC was originally composed of returned Peace Corps Volunteers, but since our humble beginnings in 1988, our network has grown to include cross-generational RPCVs, Colombian citizens living in the United States, organizational leaders in Colombia, and others who share a love for the country and wish to contribute to its growth.

What We Do

As our mission states, our board, members, and extended network work diligently to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Colombia. We accomplish this through a variety of means, including: 

  • Supporting community-based organizations in Colombia through charitable partnerships, grants, and fundraisers;
  • Developing relationships among American and Colombian stakeholders through in person and digital events;
  • Facilitating professional development opportunities for our audience through a mentorship and networking opportunities.