Los Otros Yumbeños

Yumbo, Valle del Cauca

$1,510 USD

Los Otros Yumbeños is a project that increases environmental awareness and knowledge about local birds and plants in the municipality of Yumbo. FOC funds supported the expansion of this project by funding the creation of an audiovisual micro-documentary about the diverse species of bird in the Yumbo region. The audiovisual documentary is used as an educational tool to teach students about the local birds and habitat in Yumbo.

Los Otros Yumbeños are working hard on the micro-documentary project documenting the unique birds and plants in the municipality of Yumbo.  The project has moved more slowly than they had hoped and anticipated due to challenges related to the climate, the health of interview participants, and security challenges in some filming locations.  Given those challenges, the project has still accomplished the filming and interview data as planned in situations where that has remained feasible and is updating some locations for filming to complete the documentary based on shifting local conditions. Mauricio, the project contact, has requested 20 additional days to fully complete the micro documentary project funded by FOC.