Led by Arleen Cheston, Board members set out to recruit fresh blood and rejuvenate the organization. Under the spirited recruitment banner Few are Called & Less Chosen, the first round draft picks from Arleens exercise are:

  1. With considerable help from Irv Dubinsky, Arleen recruited the first Web master for FOC. He is Jim OReilly of Durham, North Carolina. Jim served in rural community development in Isla Tierra Bomba, near Cartegena, and in Mompox on the Magdalena from September 1964 through June 1965. Afterwards, he did stints in the Army, serving in Vietnam, followed by newspaper reporting assignments in New Jersey and North Carolina. Jim attended graduate school, studying demography and sociology, statistical legal consulting, and political consulting.

    For the past 25 years he has been involved in contract survey research, working mainly on computers and information technology. Jim has been married for 34 years, has three childrenand one marvelous granddaughter, Lila.

    Welcome aboard, Jim, we look forward to the application of your expertise to the FOC web site!

  2. Membership Director Gale Gibson has agreed to try and fill the shoes of Pat Suarez as Membership Director. Yet, Gale has been on the bench for some years now, mainly on Injured Reserve, awaiting his turn at the Big Show. Gale is among the fewthe very few, that have been with FOC from its rustic beginnings in a room decorated with Early American furniture and appliances (apple crates, a hand powered sharpener for #2 pencils, etc.).

    Over the past several years, his sage advice and counsel to the Board as an advisor has been of material assistance to its prudent decision-making, especially as Arleen assumed the leadership position from Bob Colombo, FOCs first president. The Board is appreciative of Gales willingness to take on this new assignment. And we thank Pat for all these past years of unswerving attention to the tenuous details of putting together and maintaining a Membership directory.

  3. New Editor Beginning in January 2007, Abby Wasserman, Group XIII, 63-65, has agreed to serve as the new editor of the FOC Newsletter. FOC is fortunate to have such an able and experienced professional assume this post. Abby is a writer, artist and editor, living in Mill Valley, California.

    She recently published her first childrens picture book, TOSCAS PARIS ADVENTURE, which she wrote and illustrated. Previous books include a monograph on contemporary Native American artists and a multicultural history of Oakland, California. She is active in local arts organizations and leads several writing groups.

    With far more enthusiasm than was necessary, FOC was able to encourage its current editor to take his blue pencil elsewhere. He was suitably informed that the Board vote was more than unanimous. His offer to be of assistance to the new editor has been rejected by the Board, which noted when responding to him in a remarkable declarative sentence: you cannot stand on the order of returning to your former obscurity.

  4. New Vice President Bulletin Group I comes in from the cold! Ned Chalker, a member of Group Iyes, the originals, has agreed to serve as the Boards new Vice President. By training, Ned was a mechanical engineer, working on the famed Gateway Arch in St. Louis before answering that first call from President Kennedy. Following his Volunteer service, he worked in Peace Corps Washington for several years in Campus Relations. He then went on to the U. S. Department of Education, where he was Director of the Educational Research Centers Program.

    After his retirement, Ned served as president of the Potomac River Pilots Association from 1993 to 2003. At present, he is Chairman of the Board, National Maritime Heritage Foundation.