FOC is pleased to announce that we awarded five grants, totaling $9,615 USD to inspiring Colombian community-based groups. Congratulations to our grant competition winners! Learn more about each winner and their projects below.

2023 FOC Small Grant Project Winners

Valle de Cuaca 
$2,000 USD
This grant involved training teachers in technology in rural Wounaan (indigenous group) communities.

Suán, Atlántico
$1,880 USD
PROEDUPAZ used FOC grant funds to teach disadvantaged rural farmers new sustainable agricultural practices.

Guardabosques de la Sierra
Santa Marta, Magdalena
$2,410 USD
With FOC grant funds, the association of small cacao farmers in the Sierra Nevada built a composter in order to produce organic fertilizer for their farms.

Tierra Grata
Costa Caribe
$2,410 USD
This FOC grant enabled the installation of 10 community bathrooms in 5 rural communities in Magdalena. This project also involved menstrual and public health education for an estimated 360 adolescent women and girls.

Jaguars Volleyball Club
Polonuevo, Atlántico
$915 USD
The FOC grant has provided sports and work out equipment, and team uniforms for intramural volleyball teams in order to promote inclusion healthy living and teamwork among men and women in Polonuevo.