Images of Peace

By Alyssa Galik, RPCV 2016–2018 This story originally appeared in the 60th Anniversary Exhibit for the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience. Cartagena has always been a place of contradictions, a city of [...]

Flower Parade

By Kay Dixon, Colombia III (1962-1964) Today’s the day we check the Desfile de Silleteros from our bucket list.  From my youngest years, I have loved parades. When my childhood playground program featured a [...]

It was poor Marquesa

By Bill Salerno, Colombia VI (1963-1966) It was mid-June, ‘64. Dan Taylor and I and his lovable pooch Marquesa were on a direct flight from Medellin to Bahia Solano on the Pacific [...]

Return to Dibulla

By: Abby Wasserman December 2008 My little Ana is a grandmother. There’s white in her wiry black hair and she is missing teeth. It wrings my heart to see her so fragile. [...]

A Man and His Animals

By Jerry Cronin Many consider the Peace Corps Volunteers pseudo-hippie idealists who don’t accomplish anything. When I arrived in Bogotá in September, 1964, I had no idea where I would be sent. [...]

Corona Contradictions

By Margarita Sorock A man in bermudas and a T-shirt arrives at the entrance to the Pearly Gates. St. Peter (very harried): Where are you from? Man in bermudas: Cartagena. St. Peter: [...]

Transformative Chocolate

Recently evacuated Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Elyse Magen would like to thank FOC for contributing to her National Peace Corps Association fundraising campaign “Economic Empowerment of Women in Colombia.” The campaign [...]

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