Tierra Grata

Barrio La Paz in Cartagena, Bolivar  

$975 USD

In the midst of the global pandemic, 30% of the population on Colombia’s northern coast lack access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation. Established in 2014, Tierra Grata is a Colombian social enterprise that has been working to reduce social inequities in rural Colombia through the introduction of clean technologies.

Challenge: The neighborhood of La Paz, which sits 45 minutes outside of Cartagena’s city center, currently lacks access to potable water. The 550 households in the neighborhood are forced to purchase clean water from nearby farms or water tank trucks when they visit the neighborhood. 

Solution: Tierra Grata’s FOC grant enabled the purchase and installation of 20-liter gravity water filters in 25 households. This grant also allowed Tierra Grata to improve the hygienic sanitation facility in the town’s community center through the additional purchase and installation of a water collection tank and portable sink.