Discussing Race and Gender in 21st Century Colombia

FOC’s very own Dr. Taylor Ramsey (2011-2015) moderated an important discussion on race with three esteemed guests: 

  • Dr. Ángela Castro, Visiting Assistant Professor at Colorado College
  • Dr. Monica Styles, Visiting Assistant Professor at College of Charleston
  • Dr. Katherine Anson, Faculty – Languages, St. Mark’s School of Texas

Your support allowed FOC to donate $2,000 to organizations selected by the panelists, Asociación de Mujeres Afro-Colombianas and Batambora ($1,000 to each organization). 


Located in the Afro-Colombia community of La Boquilla (north of Cartagena), this organization is dedicated to keeping traditional music and dance alive by offering music classes and jobs to young people in the community.

Asociación de Mujeres Afro-Colombianas 

Located in Cali, this organization seeks to improve the quality of life for Afro-Colombians through community projects that focus on ethnic, cultural, gender and generational perspectives. 

Quote from attendee: 

Thank you and Friends of Colombia (FOC) for organizing the excellent panel. Many of us are involved in addressing racism in the U.S. but have had little opportunity to learn about race issues in Colombia. This is particularly true for those who served as volunteers in Colombia decades ago.

The level of expertise among the panelists was terrific and their observations were both credible and particularly helpful in understanding the current situation in Colombia. Thanks again to Friends of Colombia Board who bring such variety of offerings to those of us remaining unalterably loyal to Colombia.”  

– Pat Wand (1963-1965)