Cooking with Care – Córdoba

Community Partners: Server de Corazón

Funds donated: $3,015

Results: 240 mercaditos (grocery packages) delivered to families outside of Lorica, Córdoba

The COVID-19 pandemic and government-mandated lockdowns in Colombia have left many vulnerable families in dire conditions. Food insecurity has become a major issue for many communities as Colombia’s lockdown continues. Although the Colombian government has made efforts to provide small stimulus deposits into bank accounts, many people have not received this support. In the outskirts of Santa Cruz de Lorica, a quiet fishing village in the Córdoba Department, countless families have been forgotten entirely.  

In an effort to support these families, Friends of Colombia partnered with Server de Corazón, a small community organization that took on the mission of purchasing and delivering food and supplies to families in the remote towns surrounding Lorica. To raise funds for Server de Corazón, two FOC members, Chef Carmen Galvis and Chef Jeremy Booth, led a virtual cooking class where they taught us how to make arroz con pollo (or arroz con verduras).