Comics for a Cause: A Visual Storytelling Workshop

Community Partners: Domino Volunteers and Café Stepping Stone

Funds donated: $2,405

Results: Awarded 13 small grants to artists in Cartagena, Bolivar

To fight the spread of COVID-19, the Colombian government implemented strict city-wide lockdowns. These lockdowns effectively shut down the country’s tourism industry with devastating impact to cities like Cartagena. Large swaths of Cartagena’s population have lost income, including those who contribute to the city’s thriving arts scene. Many artists are now struggling to make ends meet.

In an effort to help artists and the city’s art industry, Friends of Colombia partnered with two Cartagena-based organizations, Domino Volunteers and Café Stepping Stone, to provide small grants to artists and craftsmen from marginalized neighborhoods who are struggling to continue their operations. To raise funds for artists in Cartagena, talented artist and FOC Member Sarah Shaw organized a visual storytelling workshop where she was able to share her love of storytelling, illustration, and autobiographical comics with participants in an online minicomics workshop.

After an application and selection process, micro-grants were distributed funds to the following artistic entrepreneurs in Cartagena:
  • Batambora and Corporación Cultural Kilele Son for materials for African drums (see thank you video below)
  • ICAFE for new lights and camera to film their dance group
  • NINHA and Tu_La for materials to make reusable bags
  • Creativox for a new computer for graphic design
  • FURAS for materials and packaging of their products
  • Paint supplies for local artists and art studios: