by Sarah Shaw (CII-5)

A few weeks ago, I boarded a Concord Coach bus in Portland, carrying a black portfolio filled with two years of drawings, photographs and plans to install my first solo show at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. It seemed almost surreal to hold two years of work in my hands. Thinking about those countless hours spent researching, sketching, drawing, and coloring, while trying to avoid drops of sweat from splattering on the pages, made me realize how they had become such an integral part of my experience in Colombia.

At the end of January, when one of my professors from the Art Ed department recommended me for a show in Pratt Institute’s Nancy Ross Project Space, I hurriedly replied, “Yes!” Not only was the timing great and the opportunity incredible, but it was the perfect way to share my experience in Colombia with an American audience.

Before arriving in New York, I’d already planned the layout on my computer. With the help of one of my best friends and some work study students, we installed the show in two afternoons. The opening reception was on Thursday, April 7th.

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