The return of all Peace Corps Volunteers to the United States is heartbreaking to witness, however Friends of Colombia is particularly devastated to know that the countless positive relationships the PCVs formed in Colombia have been unceremoniously interrupted. In this challenging moment, FOC wanted to reassure the 96 volunteers who had to leave Colombia early know that they will always be welcome back. We expressed this idea directly to Colombian Ambassador to the United States Francisco Santos, and, in the true Colombian nature, Ambassador Santos recorded a message of gratitude and open arms. “What you give back Colombia, we appreciate it immensely,” said Ambassador Santos. “And we hope you can return soon.”

Along with Ambassador Santos, Friends of Colombia is committed to maintaining a strong connection between Colombia and those who have served there. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the 96 PC Colombia Volunteers that were recently evacuated, please write us directly at


FOC Launches Mentorship Program to Support Evacuated Colombia RPCVs

If you’d like to become a mentor, fill out the survey on our Contact page.

Since our Mentorship program was launched a few months ago, over 30 matches have been made for mentees seeking career advice, emotional support, and networking resources.

FOC has already heard of many positive experiences and we plan to continue this program through continued relationships and expanded geographical reach in order to be a central resource in numerous ways for all Colombia RPCVs.

If you are a mentee seeking a mentor, please fill out the survey here.


NPCA Affiliate Group News

What can FOC do to support the 96 PC Colombia Volunteers that were recently evacuated? 

The following are highlights from a letter NPCA sent out to each Affiliate Groups on March 20th, 2020:

Dear NPCA Affiliate Groups:

Thank you for your eagerness to support the more than 7,000 evacuated Volunteers who are returning home and facing difficult challenges in the midst of a global pandemic. The newly returned volunteers will need help with things such as housing, jobs and emotional support.

Many of you have asked how you can help. Below are a few suggestions to get started.