By Richard Sanders


Colombia #46, RCD-UDC, 1966-1968, does it once again by holding the 6th reunion for the 50th Anniversary since COS.  This time the joyous reunion was held at Kiawah Island, South Carolina, and hosted by the ever gracious Bruce and Judy Newton.  Some 20+ persons were in attendance and a few were accompanied by spouses and significant others.  The ever popular “Talking Stick” was passed from person-to-person, so as to allow each person to update the others on what has occurred of significance in their lives since the last reunion they attended.  Our group has acquired and adopted as our own a few additional RPCV’s from other Colombian PCV groups.  This has occurred because we are a cohesive and vibrant collection of eclectic personalities who never lack for a discussion topic of interest to the group.  We have known each other for right at 50 years and when we look at each other, we still see the ambition, drive and the youthful commitment which led us to follow the searching cry of that great leader when he called for volunteers to go abroad and try to change the world for the better! The group also held a reunion in Cartagena, Colombia in 2014.

The next reunion is planned for 2018 in Wonderful San Antonio, Texas, where the unfortunate and culturally deprived non-Texans will be introduced to Texas Pickles, Texas-size Margaritas, and the ever popular Mariachi Music!

Attendees: Hosts Judy Sperling-Newton and Bruce Newton, Mari Kae Ennis Applegate and Terry Applegate, Tony Bartilotti, Joe Benitez, Susan Cole, Ed Eng, David Lehmann, Denise Martin, Roger Martin and Janet R. Whelan, Shirley and Bill McGrath, Iya and Rick Merrill, Susan Tower Racine, Debbie and Richard Sanders, Marthi and Jerry Ungar.