Aahh…sancocho! That hearty and comforting soup… a favorite of all Colombians…was the centerpiece of an RPCV gathering in Washington, DC February 21.  Constance Ray, Colombia II-4, administrative specialist for the Peace Corps’ InterAmerica and Pacific regions and the new social chairman of Friends of Colombia, hosted the party which attracted two dozen RPCVs from the early years and the most recent ones.  While slurping their soup, RPCVs who served in the 60’s shared stories with RPCVs newly returned from assignments on the Colombian coast.  The newer RPCVs updated the older ones about living and working in Colombia today.

Fun facts:  The sancocho de pollo was prepared by Constance’s friend and housemate Regis Ryan, an RPCV from Mali and a devoted cook who is currently a mixologist at The Four Seasons in Washington, DC.  Constance baked cakes iced with frosting in the colors of the Colombia flag.  She greeted her guests dressed in an authentic Costeno skirt, a gift from a Colombian friend.

Viva Colombia!